Wayward Years

by Spirals

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released June 11, 2015

Produced, mixed, and recorded by William Carlson.
Mastered by Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders in Austin, TX.
Album artwork by Zach Whitchurch.
All songs written by William Carlson.

Special thanks to Dan Carlson, Chris Downs, Carina Guevara, Danny Huggins, Joey Oaxaca, Edward Rendon, and Sean Vanegas.

William Carlson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Zach Whitchurch - Drums, Percussion



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SPIRALS Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Do You Remember?
Do you remember, when life wasn’t a blur
Do you remember, living simpler
Do you remember, when things were as they seemed
Do you remember, chasing all your dreams?

Do you even remember?
Do you even remember?

Do you remember, when you still felt alive
Do you remember, staying up all night
Do you remember, when you had lots of friends
Do you remember, wishing this won’t end?
Track Name: I Don't Mind
Sometimes when I’m alone
I feel like my mind is blown.
I can’t even tie my shoes
Or read the morning news.

When I’m lying in my bed
I can barely feel my head.
DDT and mercury’s
Done quite a toll on me.

I don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind
I don’t mind.

I’m not into normal girls
I live in my own little world.
Thinking straight is such a chore
And it’s really quite a bore.

Nothing makes any sense to me
Because all I do is watch TV.
Guess there’s not much left to do
And even less to lose.
Track Name: Glide
Hey, the stars are all aligned
So high in the sky
In the summer night.

Hey, is this our sign
That we’re gonna glide
Until the end of time.

I feel like I’m so alive tonight
With you.
I feel like I’m so alive tonight
When I’m with you.

With you
When I’m with you

Hey, now I see the light
Burning so bright
Here’s the sunrise.
Track Name: Gold Dreams
I can’t remember
But I know one things for sure.
Those gold dreams, they always
Make me feel secure.

Take me to the place where I will
Feel like I belong.
Take me to the place where I should
Have been all along.

And it’s hard to say
How it would have been if I'd lived this way.

It's all a blur now
I don’t know why I am here.
But those gold dreams, they always
Seem to feel so real.
Track Name: Everyday
I’m not sure
How it all went wrong so soon.
I don’t know
I don’t know what I’m gonna do, without you.

Don’t leave me
I didn’t mean the things I said.
Don’t make me
Get down on my knees and beg.

I can’t take
How it feels to live alone.
I don’t know
What I’ll do now that you’re gone.

Everyday you’re not around
I wonder how you’re doing now.
Everyday you’re not my girl
I just can’t take it anymore.
Track Name: One Last Time
If you knew that it was true, what would you do
Would you even feel blue?
If I had another chance, one more try
I’d ask if I could dance with you.

One last time.

I wish I could talk with you, one more night
I’d whisper I love you.

One last time.
Track Name: Drift
Going through the motions
Who cares anymore?
Drifting in the ocean
Staring back, staring at the shore.

Going round in circles
Time and time again.
Drifting through the days
Lost in, lost in the sun.

Blinded by the light
Losing, wasting, running out of time.

Looking in the tide
Reflecting on the days.
Of what there could have been
Drifting in, drifting in the waves.
Track Name: ...And Then I Saw A Light
Light the road ahead so I can make the trip
To free myself from her iron grip.
I fought so long not to adore
The words flowing out her poison lips.

I yearned to break away yet always staggered back
Returning to a place within her grasp.
I shot so hard to pick up myself
And all the pieces falling through the gaps.

And then I saw a light shine in the night that made me realize
She's gonna be the death of me.
Track Name: Stay True
There’s not much point in asking you to change
It’s already written in the stars in outer space.
There’s not much point in trying to pretend
I’d fall through black holes so I could feel your love again.

Seconds turn to hours
This time’s a different kind, this love was ours.

And if today’s the day
No matter how far away
That you stray out of view
Please stay true
Stay true.

There’s not much point in dwelling on the times
Like when we would dance at night in the moonlight.
There’s not much point in wishing we could run
We’re already melting away into the sun.
Track Name: Even Anything
Look around
Around and wonder how
We became
Just strangers passing by.

Is there even anything
Even anything?
Is there even anything
Even anything?

Left for two
Shadows grown apart.
Should I try
Or should I say goodbye?

Is there even anything
Even anything?
Is there even anything
Even anything?

Track Name: Burn (Eventually)
Burn me, burn me to the ground
So I can’t make a sound, keep my voice down.
Squeeze me, squeeze me until I’m red
Stuck inside of my head, thinking about what I said.

It’s so hard to say
What you really mean.
It’s so easy
To throw it all away.

Time after time I find that nothing stays the same
There’s no reason to believe things won't change

Twist me, twist me around your thumb
Don’t stop until I’m numb, take back what I have sung.
Lay me, lay me down to sleep
Drag me into the deep, leave me to never speak.
Track Name: Brick By Brick
You’d think it’s only common sense
but they
always somehow seem to forget.

I'd feel more at home on the Moon
than I
feel living here with the rest of you.

Because everyday the people look away
as they
Tear the world down a little brick by brick.

And everyday the people say it's okay
but they
All know deep down that that’s just straight bullshit.
Track Name: Always Never
As you left I lost my way
Without you by my side.
All I know is I lost my mind
As you said goodbye.

We’re always never
Always never
We’re always never

Like I used to dream
Dream that we would be.
Why didn’t we hold on
To what we once had?